BLAUS: Booty Haus Movement

Nathan and Zach Blaustone, San Francisco based electronic duo BLAUS. The brothers merge live instrumentation with digital samples to produce music blending atmospheric house, hip-hop, and experimental tech jazz. Their goal is to blend all arts—to fuse the tangible with the digital—by creating a new sub-genre, “Booty House”.

The masses followed their lead after winning the Insomniac Discovery Project and were invited to play White Wonderland 2013. Through a prolific cycle of writing, recording and touring, a human warmth echoed forth by infusing rhythmical prose and live instrumentation to their electronic sound. Following their 2014 album release, ‘The Tone,’ the brothers signed with KHORUS Records soon releasing an EP and their second studio album later this summer. Booty House is truly a movement. 

Discovery Project Winner Interviews

Meet the boys in BLAUS-brothers AND electronic music makers. Follow the San Francisco duo's journey to perform at Insomniac's White Wonderland, and get to know the winners of the Discovery Project, courtesy of Moto X.

Meet your mentor: In this episode of the Discovery Project, BLAUS get one-on-one time with their Moto X mentor Laidback Luke, one of the world's top DJs.

BLAUS take it to Los Angeles. The Discovery Project winners finally get to spin at White Wonderland, courtesy of Motorola & Insomniac.